Check Out My Latest Tutorial!

Sometimes when you have a big idea for a project, there’s nothing to do except dive in head first. That’s what I did with this new custom doorframe I designed for new studio. I had the idea for a while now to create a three-dimensional magical forest scene, but it wasn’t until the fine folks at Dremel reached out to me that I figured out how to go about making my dreams a reality. Below you’ll find a step-by-step tutorial on how I created the door frame, as well as a few tips for making your own. Enjoy!

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New Sculpture and Video – Owl In Flight!

Today I added a new sculpture to the store; an Owl In Flight as well as a new video to the Media page. It was a piece I started months ago out at Cattlelacs Chainsaw Art Gallery, but it was pushed aside for other things that needed to get done. Unfortunately, the time-lapse I started of the basic shape being cut out with the chainsaw stopped short when my camera battery died. I’ve since invested in a power cord and most of the video was shot last week at the FORT.

This process video mostly shows the smaller tools, especially the dremel. Obviously I’m not a chainsaw purist and will use whatever works. However, my current goal is to go further and further with the saw each carving because it just goes faster than anything else. The detail stage is so much fun, I often forget to keep things simple and affordable. So, things cost what they cost because of the time it took to make them, their rarity (since I don’t like making the same thing over and over) and researching similar work I can find online. I’d honestly rather keep everything I make than undervalue it, and I don’t want to lose the details. They’re pretty.

You can see at some point during the sculpting process, I broke one of the owl’s toes. I tried to repair it but only managed to break off more. So, I had to take all the toes down a little, re-sculpting them to match the toe that had become smaller. Luckily, they were slightly too large to begin with so I had some material to work with.

I love the way owls look. My grandmother used to collect them and had owl imagery throughout her house, popping up in most of my childhood photos.