Looking Back at Some of My Favorite Projects

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Hey all!

It's holiday season, which means my typically busy schedule has been getting even more hectic as I rush to make plans, find gifts for important people in my life, and catch up on enough projects that I might be able to rest and enjoy myself when the holidays finally arrive. This time of year always has me looking back, so I thought it would be fun to share some of my personal favorite art projects with you guys! 



I made this totem pole to christen the FORT, which was the creative studio and event space I started right after I left Rooster Teeth. It was a period of great change in my life, and I channeled all of that nervous and excited energy into this carving. When the FORT moved during the summer of 2016, so did the totem pole - to my back yard. Even after five years, I'm still in love with it.


I consider myself first and foremost a carver, but I love to make art in all forms. In 2012 around Halloween I put together an art show at the FORT called SPIRIT, which showcased more of my painting and drawing work. Of course the pieces all had some form of 3D elements - once you start thinking in three dimensions, it's hard to give up!


This is one of my more recent projects, one I thought up while brainstorming ways to make my new studio feel more like me. I took some thin pieces of wood and carved and painted them into a fantasy scene with wrapping vines and flowers. I drilled and attached additional small carvings such as birds to give the door frame a more realistic feel. One of my favorite things about this piece was the fact that I made it as a tutorial, so if you wanted to try something similar at home you could!





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