New Digs!

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Hey everybody!

It's official! Today I signed my lease for my new space and began a new chapter in my creative journey. The lease is for three years, which is more than enough time for me to transform the space into my own little creative sanctuary. I decided to let go of enchanted forest in order to consolidate, but don't worry- there's more than enough to do! I've already dug in my heels, breaking down the old and bringing in the new. Of course, I'll need your help and input!


One of the first tasks I set myself was blasting all of the chipped white paint from the metal siding, in order to prepare it for a new coat of my own choosing. I did not realize what I was getting myself into! A couple hours and a huge pile of paint chips later, I started thinking; maybe the distressed paint look is actually cool in its own right? After all, I've spent hours before trying to get that perfect weathered look, and here I was, staring down a perfectly distressed wall and trying to turn it into something it wasn't! So I've embraced the chipping paint, and have now turned my attention to the support beams, which I think are the perfect canvas for a pop of color.


Here's where you come in, dear patrons. We're having a poll, as promised! In lieu of a separate poll page, I figured we could do it here in the comments. If your vote is supposed to count twice, rest assured I will take note. So check out all the paint samples in the attachments, and leave a comment telling me which one is your favorite! The color with the most comment points goes up in the space!

[NOTE: this was a poll for patrons only. Voting is closed.]

(From left to right)

A) Pageant Green

B) Country Weekend

C) Aruba Green

D) All of the above!


Looking forward to hearing from everyone!





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