Farewell to the FORT!

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Last Friday night I said goodbye to the FORT, my creative home for the past few years, with the help from some friends. We sent her off in style, with art, drinks, performances, and an ongoing livestream so people from all over the community could say hello (and goodbye!) If you were able to visit during the livestream, I'd like to take this opportunity to say thanks! I like to think that the FORT was more than just an artists' studio: it was a part of the community as well. You guys especially have been on this journey with me as I say goodbye to the old and embrace the new, and for that I am grateful.

Looking ahead I've got many projects on the horizon. I am already getting back into the swing of things with my weekly videos (including Challenge Accepted- if you submit a request please be sure to mention if you are a Patron in your video!) ASMR concepts, comics, and much more. I'm really excited to dive into all these new opportunities, even if it's a little sad to be leaving some things behind.

On a lighter note, this weekend also happened to be my birthday! I celebrated with my own personal tradition; horseback riding. Max Kruemcke (my DreamingASMR partner), Chelsea Harfoush (who works with Millie and helps out with my business), Millie and I all went on a beautiful trail ride through the Texas Hill Country. We got some spectacular photos, as well as a few new ideas for some ASMR. More on that later... (shhhh)

Hope your week is off to a great start!




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