RTX 2016: A Retrospective

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RTX 2016 was a blast! I loved meeting everyone, talking about the new D&D podcast Heroes and Halfwits at our panel, and introducing some of my new products to the attendees! I also had some of my friends drop by the booth, leading karaoke with neighbors and telling fun stories by our custom LED campfire. I got to meet some patrons as well, which is always a rewarding experience. Perhaps I'll meet even more of you at future events! For now I want to introduce you guys to some of my new product, most of which is here on the site! There are links in the descriptions so you can check everything out!

The "G" logo hat was a big seller at RTX, and actually sold out at the convention. Don't worry: I'm ordering more soon and will let you know when they are restocked! I'm also thinking about adding some beanies to the mix...

I also debuted my new unisex fragrance Magic Hour to the line at the booth this year. My friends Allison and Chelsea walked around and offered samples to the crowd, who provided feedback. We got a lot of notes like, "woodsy", "magical forest-y" (my personal favorite), "leather", and "smoky". Of course, if fragrance isn't your thing...

...you're in luck! I also have a new maker's soap available featuring the same scent as Magic Hour! The soap is chock full of natural exfoliants like apricot seed and pumice, and features a carved cross cut pattern designed by me!

If you're in the market for some new fashion, I've also whipped up a couple new t-shit designs. The first is a double exposure cross cut pattern featuring a forest scene superimposed on a piece of wood. You can find it here:

The last new item available in the store is my "Trial and Error" tee, which I am particularly proud of. It features my personal motto built out of everyday handy materials like nails and tools. 





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