Sky High!

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You guys! I'm having a blast in Australia! For the past couple days I've been hard at work carving at Sky High Mt Dandenong for STIHL's Chainsaw Carving Championships! If you want to read more about the event or check out some of the other carvers I'm hanging with, check this page!


Although I've been posting progress pictures to my public Instagram account, tf you follow the FORT online on Twitter (which you are all encouraged to do, message me here on Patreon for details) then you've seen my initial sketch for my big piece. I wanted to try and create a piece that conveyed movement, grace, and flow- three characteristics not usually associated with wood. Although I was originally inspired by the tale of Salome, I decided to open up interpretation (and scale back the gore) by making the figure a mysterious, unnamed dancer. Of course, chainsaw craving requires at least an intuitive understanding of physics, and so the major challenge with this piece was figuring out how to keep her upright with so much weight up top! To that end, I'm working on creating a solid base for her that will mimic that gauzy, flowing lines of her scarf while still providing enough stability to keep the entire sculpture safe from tipping.


No matter what I'm working on - carvings, comics, videos- I'm always trying to come up with new ways to push the medium. I like carving things that inspire me, and things I haven't seen done before.


What would you like to see me carve in 2016?





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